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A selection of questions the Club gets asked

Club History

The Club was first formed in about 1984 as a private Dinning Club. This soon changed to a general social club for unattached people. The membership formed an elected Committee to run the Club as a not for profit group and has remained so to this day.

The Club is divided into two branches for administrative reasons, one based in Chelmsford and one based in Colchester. Members may go to events organised by either of the branches.

I find the idea of joining a club a bit overwhelming

The Club understand it may be a difficult thing to do. Most of our members have been there and are supportive and we hope you do not feel alone once you get to know us.

How do I contact the Club?

It is best to email us on

How does the Club keep in contact it's members?

There is a monthly Newsletter emailed out to members which includes that months events (see front page). You will also be contacted by email or by joining one of the WattsApps groups.

Where can I meet you?

The Club meets at various locations. there is a weekly meeting in Witham. We do not have a permanent Club House.

Can I join on-line?

No. Club Elite is run as a private members Club so membership is not automatic and it has to be agreed by the Committee. When you first meet us you will be signed-up as a temporary member for a month, which is free then if you are happy with what you see you will be invited to join.

What is the current membership fee?

£25.00 per year.

Am I obliged to organise events?

There is no obligation on members to organise events unless they wish, but any help is producing a varied programme of events is welcome.


Does the Club have a Data Protection Policy?

Yes Click here to see the latest copy

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